I work with adults of all ages, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and relationship styles on concerns related to anxiety, relationships, mindfulness, empowerment, and recovery from trauma.

Sex therapy teaches clients how to resolve sexual difficulties, and how to create pleasure and intimacy. I help couples and individuals resolve the underlying emotional and behavior issues that are getting in the way of enjoying physical and emotional intimacy.

Offering individual counseling and support groups for people who experienced childhood sexual abuseand sexual traumas in adulthood. 

When a client does not a have a personal partner to help them resolve inhibitions and dysfunctions in the areas of physical and emotional intimacy, I may recommend Surrogate Partner Therapy. For some, clients this unique form of therapy is indeed the correct, appropriate and necessary adjunct to counseling. I provide assessment, referrals, guidance, supervision, and support for both client and surrogate partner throughout the therapy.

I work with people of every gender expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, relationship status, and age group; whether in traditional or non-traditional relationships.


For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

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Los Angeles CA 90034



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