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Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is designed to resolve sexual difficulties and help clients learn how to create more pleasure and intimacy.  I work with couples and individuals on the underlying emotional and behavioral issues that are getting in the way of enjoying their sexuality.


I treat sexuality-related issues such as:

  • Dissatisfaction with Sexual Function or Sexual Satisfaction 

Arousal and Orgasm 

Erection (ED)

Inhibited or delayed ejaculation 

Rapid ejaculation (PE)

Pre-Orgasmia  / Anorgasmia

Vaginismus and other sources of painful sex 

Sexual phobias and aversions

Avoidance of sexual interactions or relationships

  • Sexual Orientation and Sexual Minority Issues:

Sexual orientation concerns

"Coming Out" issues

Kink aware counseling

LGBTQ identity issues

Polyamory and non-monogamy support

  • Sexual Desire Concerns including: 

Desire discrepancies in couples

Low desire (low sex drive)

Loss of libido (loss of interest in sex) 

Out of control sexual behavior ("sex addiction")

Problematic use of pornography ("porn addiction")

Hypersexuality (over-sexualizing)

  • Psycho-Social Difficulties:

Social Anxiety, Intimacy Anxiety, and Sexual Anxiety

Mid-life virginity

Involuntary celibacy

Dating difficulties


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