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Trauma Recovery
You Are Not Alone: A Support Group for Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

In a context of safety and respect, men with similar histories help each other move beyond the confusion, pain, and shame of sexual victimization.

Lingering effects of childhood sexual abuse may include:

  • Guilt and secrecy

  • Low self-esteem 

  • Numb to feelings 

  • Haunted by old images and messages 

  • Isolation 

  • Problems trusting others 

  • Difficulty with intimacy and sex 

  • Confusion about sexual orientation

  • Alcohol and/or drug abuse 

  • Unresolved anger


If you are interested in learning more about this support group for men recovering from the consequences of childhood sexual abuse, please call me to request a no-fee consultation to discuss whether this is the right time and the right group for you. Individuals not ready for group experience may instead opt for private counseling.

Trauma-informed therapy for individuals and couples

Trauma-informed therapy recognizes that the emotional impact traumatic experiences can be complex and have long-lasting and widespread impact on our lives. These traumas might be obvious, one-time events like a mugging, sexual assault, major medical events, the traumatic loss of or betrayal by a loved one, or they might be repetitive traumas like neglect in childhood, bullying, military experiences, sustained physical and sexual abuse, and more. Trauma can leave us with unhealed emotional wounds and scars that are vulnerable to re-injury. A trauma-informed approach to therapy recognizes that trauma (or any perceived trauma) has a complex impact on a person's suffering and how it shapes a person's efforts to cope.

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