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My Approach

Counseling is as much art as it is science, and I am dedicated to co-creating a deeply meaningful and profoundly effective experience for you. 


Each client has a unique history, a unique set of present circumstances, and ultimately a unique experience in therapy. At the center of therapy is the therapeutic partnership between client and clinician.  The therapeutic partnership often begins before our first in-person meeting.  I like to have a phone conversation (15-20 minutes, at no charge) to help clients determine whether my skills and approach are well matched to their needs. 


In the event that the client (you) and therapist decide to meet in-person, our first few sessions will be devoted to:

  • Discussing your background

  • Defining the goals of your therapy

  • Determining the best way to meet your goals.  

Throughout our partnership, our conversations and interactions serve to simultaneously help us understand your difficulties, and also to build the emotional skills and behavior patterns that will create the changes you desire. We work with your personal goals in mind.


We will periodically review and reassess our progress. During the course of therapy, it is common to add or revise goals and to adjust our approach to better meet your unique needs. If we discover that accomplishing your goals involves unintended consequences for you (or people in your life), we will decide together whether it would help to modify your goals.

I will recommend between-session activities that will increase your understanding of yourself, enhance the effectiveness of your therapy, and extend your growth into the rest of your life. These may involve reading, writing, thinking, practicing new behaviors, and/or doing exercises related to the therapy. I am available by phone if you need a bit of reassurance or an additional session.   

I am unwaveringly dedicated to fostering a successful partnership and healing experience for you.

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